Saturday, March 12, 2011

Before They Were Pimps: The Lumieres

Kelli Dayton was the singer, songwriter and guitar player on this three-track seven inch single that predated her involvement in the Sneaker Pimps. I ripped this from the vinyl but I'm no audiophile so the processing is minimal. And there's no date on the record so I'm not sure where to place it in the subgeneral context of British rock. The title track "Cinder Hearts" is a punky little tune, Buzzcocks-style. Second track "Starry Eyes" is a ballad that shows off Kelli's growing vocal talent but she sounds more like Siouxsie Sioux than she did in later projects. The last track "In the Blue (Special Murder Version)" is slight, but the sultry speaking/singing voice she used later on tracks like the Sneaker Pimps' "Spin Spin Sugar" is already in place.

Also included in this download is a sample of Kelli (now Ali, not Dayton)'s more recent work, a remix of a track from an album she cut with Japanese group Dropz

Get it here.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, the 13th

In honor of Friday the 13th, and in imitation of Morrissey, here are the 13 greatest albums I know of (though I'm sure I'm forgetting something):

1. The Smiths - Strangeways, Here We Come
2. Ramones - Ramones
3. Ramones - Leave Home
4. Nirvana - In Utero
5. The Clash - London Calling
6. Smoking Popes - Destination Failure
7. XTC - Skylarking
8. Nick Drake - Pink Moon
9. Ramones - Rocket to Russia
10. The Go-Betweens - Oceans Apart
11. Lloyd Cole - Music in a Foreign Language
12. Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight
13. Material Issue - International Pop Overthrow

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Number Ones!

I joined a site called because I like to see a record of the music I listen to. A secondary benefit it discovering new music. You can see my profile here.

I have 34 "friends." Twenty-eight have been active recently, and I've compiled their respective number one tracks: the favorite songs, more or less, of some serious music fans.

I thought about trimming it down to an album-length mix, but I wanted the list to be authentic. I even changed Nepthys' contribution from The Smiths' "This Charming Man" (2:41) to Morrissey's "The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils" (11:15) when the latter overtook the former in her charts during my mix-making process. Phenomenalcat5 had two songs at number one, and they're both here. And when it became obvious that I wouldn't be able to fit the songs on to one disc I took the liberty of adding my number one track to the top of the playlist.

There is some great stuff here - some tracks I have known and loved and others I am just getting to know. Let me know if you count any as genuine discoveries.

Each track is labeled at the end with the username of the contributor. You can download part one here, and part two here.

Part one
1. Jack Lee - Middle of the Night (3:32) - jessesamuel
2. New Order - Procession (4:26) - gravesendneck
3. Dead Mechanical - Sidewalks (2:01) - packagethiefnj
4. Ruiner - The Lives We Fear (2:05) - amandawhitlow
5. The Gothic Archies - How Do You Slow This Thing Down? (3:07) - christiemalry
6. Timbaland - The Way I Are (3:47) - notginger
7. The Clash - Train in Vain (3:07) - K_Baz
8. The Feelies - Raised Eyebrows (2:59) - DismantledKing
9. The Gordons - Coalminers Song (5:41) - squidexplosion
10. Sleater-Kinney - One More Hour (3:18) - grammarofskin
11. Nacho Vegas - Seronda (4:01) - DR34M
12. Miranda Warning - Si empieza a llover (3:17) - GoodyAlien
13. Morrissey - The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils (11:15) - Nepthys
14. The Beatles - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (2:06) - Pleasedontrock

Part two
15. The Ergs! - Jazz Is Like The New Coke (2:16) - girlelec
16. B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (4:34) - reasonunknown
17. The Chameleons - Up The Down Escalator (3:56) - sweetrocks
18. Bubonic Plague - Gray Wave City (2:34) - noakillercat
19. The Church - Under The Milky Way (4:55) - OhDeanna
20. Jeff Buckley - Grace (5:20) - edwyncollins
21. Television - Friction (4:41) - phenomenalcat5
22. Scarling - Baby Dracula (3:53) - catfight1980
23. Sarah McLachlan - Do What You Have To Do (3:46) - PopuVamp
24. The Boys Club - Barracuda (2:44) - NoahWK27
25. Ringers - Grind Your Teeth (3:10) - whmaurer
26. The House Of Love - Destroy The Heart (2:39) - joisacliche
27. The Bodines - The Back Door (2:40) - icarokar
28. The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Vanishing Girl (2:59) - fleshballoon
29. The Undertones - Teenage Kicks (2:23) - phenomenalcat5